The COVID-19 pandemic remains a global problem that needs attention and is becoming a priority for governments, institutions and the general public. To minimize the spread of this virus, governments in various countries have encouraged social distance to minimize the spread of the virus. Social distance can be achieved through a variety of things, such as isolating oneself at home, not traveling in public places, not traveling, not interacting with people in the group, and not participating in group activities that involve many people.


Several Indonesian schools and companies have also launched the Learn at Home and Home Courses courses to support social distance movements according to government guidelines. It is hoped that the number of people infected with the virus can be minimized and suppressed through the cooperation of various parties.


If many people work at home, it does not mean that they are not productive at work. You can still work anywhere if your company uses cloud systems for day-to-day operations. This pandemic should not prevent people from being able to carry out their daily activities almost. There are several companies and IT manufacturers that have used and distributed a variety of applications to work with colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime.


Guidelines for work from home and social distance

When COVID-19 broke out, most companies were implementing a policy of asking their employees to work from home. On the staff side, homework has several advantages. Among others are:

  1. More time savings as it can reduce travel time to the office and other transportation problems
  2. Balance between work and private life where time for work and rest can be adjusted freely. However, it must be limited to the office hours agreed with the company
  3. Can work in a very comfortable and homely environment surrounded by family

In addition to the employee side, homework also offers positive benefits for the company. One of them is that the company can save budget on daily office costs.


Working from home requires a lot of commitment and support. For example, the devices used, continuous power supply, networks and support programs to facilitate collaboration at work. To facilitate the work from home, always get used to waking up early, taking a shower, wearing comfortable clothes and eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast. So that the body stays in shape and the interest in working at home. Refresh your mind and body so you too can work from home. Regarding the technology used, various applications need to be prepared for work at home, including collaboration tools built into the cloud system, such as:

  1. Office 365 is a complete package for performing all Office activities such as email collaboration, documents, Excel data, data storage and processing, audio and video conferencing, chat programs, etc.
  2. Microsoft Teams, a combination of several partner tools such as Skype for Business and a chat program called Teams from Microsoft
  3. Zoom Cloud, a free platform for audio and video conferencing with up to 100 participants
  4. Google Hangout has almost the same functionality, which is a conference call and audio from Google
  5. Asana, Slack and other chat programs are used to send messages between one person and another as well as all employees. And also as a collaboration / to-do list

Working telework in difficult times is a choice

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and changed the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Many countries have established different policies related to this rash, such as: B. Locking policy, social distance, working from home, studying away from home, travel restrictions or restrictions, etc.


Working remotely is the best option a company has today. With this policy, companies can not only save their employees, but also colleagues and business partners.


In order to work lightly and work well with the team, a few things need to be considered:

  1. Stay healthy. It is important to keep your immune system well at home and while working remotely
  2. Create a work plan / to-do list and do not delay the work. When working online, make sure it is the same as working offline in the office
  3. Help other teams work lightly. It is very important to think positively and support each other’s passion. There is nothing wrong with sharing photos and videos of your pets with co-workers, asking for news, etc.
  4. Active in Office group message chat. This is also useful to ensure that all employees have the latest information.
  5. Make the atmosphere of the online meeting relaxed but serious. Meetings can be held through audio / video conferencing.


Practical tips for working from home

There are several professionals out there who offer advice for working from home so that they are comfortable for the employees, but are also productive and useful for the company. Some tips are:

  1. Set a work schedule and stick to your schedule
  2. Arrange the part of the house that will be used as a work area and contact the family
  3. Introduce your work plan to management and make sure they know what you are working on
  4. Ensure good communication between colleagues
  5. Exercise regularly for at least 20 minutes a day
  6. Consider choosing a time when you feel like you are having a period of high productivity
  7. Bathe and dress neatly even if only indoors to improve your mood and positive suggestions for yourself


More productive!

Working from home is said to be a breakthrough in the future. Because there are many benefits that both parties get when they work from home. Businesses can avoid high rental costs or clerical work. On the other hand, the performance of employees increases when working at home. Psychologically, employees are happier because they can work closely with their families, have better time to concentrate and not feel tired due to traffic delays. In addition, homework can help prevent disruption in the work environment, e.g. B. long lunch breaks with co-workers, leave to leave work because it has to deal with personal matters, etc. In summary, employees are more likely to be in the office at all times. There is at least something positive about this work from home that both parties can share, both employees and business owners.