Of course, when deciding to use a provider as a service provider for the product or service in question, consumers have previously considered all the features offered by the third party. Starts with products or services of quality, price and customer service. One of the key requirements for using the services of an IT service provider is customer support. Why can this be so important and worth considering before deciding to trust a particular service provider? The answer, of course, is that customer support is the service that is most needed and sought after when users experience errors or damage and difficulties. It is well known that the chances of errors occurring in the IT world, whether intentional or not, are quite high. This can be due to human resources as well as the technology / software itself. All factors certainly need proper treatment. And of course, only the right treatment can be performed and performed with technical support.


The actions of the technical support team are different. Some people need help with registration and installation, troubleshooting, updating software, dealing with downtime crises, and so on. The job of customer support is to “consider” problems at the beginning of all issues related to the customer’s difficulties, starting from easy to difficult stages and then spreading the customer’s difficulties to experts who are qualified in each field. so that it can be approached correctly and purposefully immediately. Therefore, the level of customer needs and problem solving is divided into several stages. However, customer support must also be able to do many things at the same time, which is also known as multitasking. As a “forward”, the consumer support team should be a customer support that can be trusted, trusted and can solve consumer problems. Issues that fall under the category of customer support include customer service, receiving customer support, technical support and other necessary services.


What happens if there is no support?


Of course, after the above review, you understand the importance of customer support. Imagine what happens if this support service does not exist? Suppose you are trading an online e-commerce platform. Of course, all business owners expect their business to be successful and secure. But what if there are problems like server failure because the number of visitors comes in at the same time as the website overloads visitors? Of course, this will affect the financial transactions that take place on the website. Buyers who want to buy products, view transactions and switch to payments may be down due to a server failure. Of course, business owners will suffer significant losses as there are many potential buyers who do not do financial transactions on the website. What if the company website is inaccessible for hours? Of course, losses can increase many times over.


This support service is very important for all business owners who have access to buying and selling through online platforms such as websites. When a disaster occurs or an unwanted problem occurs, the web owner already knows what action to take, starting with the first phase, ie. who to contact, secondly how to solve the obstacles and thirdly how long it will take to solve the problem.


Of course, when the support service does not exist, the user is confused about finding solutions and overcoming the obstacles that arise. Perhaps the situation is slightly different, if the user has some basic knowledge of the world of information technology, then the user can find the source of the problem we are facing. But what if the user does not have a basic knowledge of information technology and does not have qualified staff in the field of information technology? Of course, the situation is uncontrollable and cannot be resolved quickly and systematically.


Types of customer service that every supplier should have?


There are a number of features that IT providers must be aware of. Some of these features include:

Live chat is a chat feature or system that is accessible on a website. This is usually a live chat in the bottom right corner of a web page. Its job, of course, is to connect consumers with suppliers. It would be better if this live chat service was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the user ever needs help, the technical team can respond quickly and quickly to the help. This live chat system is simpler than your phone or email system. Users do not have to search for phone numbers and email addresses and first enter the online application to deliver messages. Live chat also allows users to write many short messages and get real-time replies. Yes, the system is exactly the same as the forum in general. However, this chat program is only available on the company’s website.


With the live chat, the support department can identify any problems the user is experiencing. Then decide which processing steps are best for this problem. The live chat system can also stimulate customer interaction with the company’s product or website. Live chat can be arranged by showing pop-up chat with warm greetings and questions about what the team can help through live chat. With such things, visitors to the website / visitors of this live chat service will surely feel “more aware”. If you run into problems, just write the message you want to deliver and the support team will respond within a few seconds.


Telephones, a support group that handles customer calls, e-mail and chat need to be multitasking and more knowledgeable. Multitasking still needs to be able to answer consumers’ questions through live chat, even while on the phone. Consumers expect very fast and targeted treatment.


The service team must also be prepared for calls from consumers, which may come at any time. But when answering consumer questions, you should not direct questions to anyone else. When this happens, consumers lose time waiting and may think that the company is less knowledgeable in its field. Therefore, the service team needs to categorize the problem and each question from the consumer will be a variety of difficulty levels. The first stage is related to installation, login, etc. Level two for bugs in applications and applications. In addition to the last stage, the third, these are cases that require special treatment from the technical team, e.g. B. Server failure, etc.


Email, by email, actual processing becomes faster as the information technology vendor has sent the product in a system that causes problems in ticket processing. So that the technical team can respond quickly and solve these problems. However, many consumers usually do not send complaints about e-mails because they believe that the e-mail response takes longer and processing time. This is a wrong premise. Because basically, the quickest way to deal with complaints is via email. However, most consumers prefer to make a phone call or live chat, which is the easiest and easiest way.


The three things mentioned above are the features that must at least belong to IT providers. With these three actions, the user can at least contact the provider quickly and the provider can respond immediately and answer the correct solution to a problem. Apart from the three points above, there is another thing that a user would consider the office / business address listed on the website. This allows users to get complete and reliable information about these providers. The website may also contain a “Contact Us” page that works when the user wants to contact the company. You can also link the site directly to the company’s email address. “Contact” can not only be used for complaints, but also for comments, questions, etc.


Form of customer service


What services can the technical team provide to manage customers’ information needs? Of course, there are many, because the use of all kinds of technology must always be maintained on a regular and regular basis. Managing solutions is one of the services offered by IT companies to help their customers manage and maintain their IT applications and software. This treatment not only saves more time but is also more effective as it is performed by IT professionals and specialists in their field.


Forms of support services that can be offered include preventive monitoring, 24-hour network support, systems and hardware, technical management, system design, installation, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. All of these things are handled by knowledgeable technical support provided by a support team of experts who already have a long flight time.


Terms of service support


Reliable round-the-clock support services are based on the experience and brand of the IT company. Service is considered good and reliable if it meets the following requirements:


Speed ​​and responsiveness, what is meant here, is the speed of responding to complaints and the speed of solving problems effectively and efficiently according to the limitations reported.


Multi-task support services should be able to handle customer inquiries from different doors. For example, through chat, email, phone and social media companies.


Identified where the support and technology teams must have a great deal of knowledge and high-quality information technology skills to be able to rely on.


Can plan and recommend implementing IT projects based on customer requirements. Sometimes customers are also confused by the many service options available so they can not decide. Therefore, it is the role of the service provider to help customers resolve the confusion according to the needs they need.


Good and able to control emotions. If the support service is very responsive, responsive, knowledgeable but not friendly, the customer is likely to be disappointed and not like this attitude. Customers prefer friendly, reliable and knowledgeable customer care.


The role of customer service


What effect do IT service providers have on good and responsive customer service? Of course customer satisfaction. Why is it important? Of course, because customer satisfaction is the main achievement of the company. If the customer is satisfied with the information technology service provided, it is not impossible for the customer to repeat orders or become regular customers or existing customers.


In addition, a good form of service can increase positive feedback from consumers as well as opportunities for word of mouth or referrals from one customer to another customer who has not used the company’s services.